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Detailed Farm Buildings Ltd. is a Canadian owned design/build company that has been operating in southern Ontario since 1977. Detailed Buildings can be found spotting the rural and urban landscapes extending in a range from Niagara Falls to Hamilton, west as far as London, east to Toronto and north to Barrie. Our company is proudly Canadian and strives to use Canadian building products whenever possible. We are current and long time members of The Canadian Farm Builders’ Association and have on several occasions been honoured by this association of our peers by receiving awards for our buildings.

At any one time we have three full working crews on the job. We strive to build the best buildings possible by using traditional building practices, but also by keeping informed of the latest design trends, building code requirements, equipment and materials available, we are sure to build top quality buildings.

“In order to carry out a successful project you need to take care of every detail. Each client is different, so in the design-build business, you must be creative and versatile.” For Detailed Farm Buildings Ltd. it is all in a day’s work: from a basic unfinished structure to a brilliantly finished state-of-the-art showpiece, Detailed has completed hundreds of buildings and no two are identical.